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Software engineering, research, design and development. IT systems and solutions for business and institutions. Programming languages: C#, C/C++ JAVA, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, VB.NET, Visual Basic.


Databases design, analysis, development and consultations (MSSQL/T-SQL, MSSQL CE, MySQL, SQLite, MS Access, XML, CSV, and etc.).

Data exchange technologies

Data exchange technologies, archiving solutions, interconnection of few systems and data security solutions: ASP.NET SOAP XML Webservices, WindowsNT Services, Windows sockets, HTTP and etc. 

PDA, Barcodes & labeling software

PDA Software development, as well as software for working with barcodes and label printing software development. Platforms: Android, WindowsCE / PocketPC, PalmOS, tools: .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF), Java, embedded Visual C++. Experience in development of: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Acccess Control Systems & etc.


System, low level programming, security and security tests (Assembler, C, C++, cryptography and etc), some experience in software cracking in past.